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In Germany, around 10,000 people are waiting for an organ transplant. This year again, 1,000 of them won’t receive one on time.

While most Germans say they are willing to donate their organs, only 0.001% do. Because our officials insist on maintaining the system of explicit consent.

Yet all it takes to opt-in is to carry proof of consent, whatever its form.

1 in 4 Germans are inked.



Get inked.
Give life.

A Free Tattoo that is proof of consent for Organ Donation.

A Statement.

A Commitment.
To Life.

Something to discuss with your relatives, as the final decision remains theirs.

Tattoo Design

A half-circle receives another half to become whole, symbolizing the Gift of Life that is Organ Donation.

Tattoo Design

The geometric shapes form the acronym of “Organ Donor” ...or Organ Spender*in if you look really hard.

Tattoo Design

Simple and quick to ink, for a minimum cost to Tattoo Artists.

Tattoo Design

Designed by GARA, the minimal design is scalable and can be easily adapted to an artist’s own style, or incorporated into a pre-existing piece.

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For Medical Professionals

Is the tattoo an organ donor card?

Optink is more than an organ donor card. It is a clear declaration of intent, a proof of consent and a clear statement for your relatives. Because they are the ones who decide in practice about organ donation. So talk to them about your decision to donate organs.

Are first-responders and healthcare professionals aware of this tattoo?

We are working closely with the medical community to make optink more recognizable. Together, we can help spread the awareness. Nevertheless , because relatives have the final say according to the current german law, we highly recommend you inform yours...Anyway, we’re sure they’ll notice your super cool brand new tattoo! - something to talk about at the dinner table ;)

Where is the optimal tattoo placement?

The perfect placement for OptInk is anywhere that is visible and sparks conversation.

Is the tattoo also “official”?

We’ve added an organ donation consent section to the tattoo artist consent form you should normally sign before getting any tattoo, so it’s in black and white.

Can I create my own optink interpretation?

That’s the ultimate goal yes. You can build around it, incorporate it in a larger piece, or rescale it. However, please make sure the base symbol remains recognizable. Our participating tattoo artists have received a toolkit to help them guide you. Don’t forget to share your design #optink.

Can I change my mind about organ donation if I have the optink tattoo?

Yes, if you decide not to donate your organs, document your decision and share it with your family.

Can I exclude individual organs from donation or only donate certain organs?

Yes, it is best to document your decision on the Optink consent form, an organ donor card and talk to your family about it.


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